The Artifactual Consciousness: a Nonfiction/Poetry Reading and Discussion


Non-Fiction/Poetry Reading & Discussion

Alexandra Zapruder & Matthew Zapruder
Moderated by Michael Downing

How much can be known, or understood, from a work of art or a historical artifact? How is knowledge disseminated through a culture, how does it adhere through objects to a family or a people? Whether it is a lyrical poem or Abraham Zapruder’s footage of the JFK assassination, what does a historical artifact actually tell us? And, what are the crucial differences between knowledge and information?

In this powerful two-part event, featuring readings and a moderated discussion, poet and editor Matthew Zapruder (author of Why Poetry?/Ecco Press) and historian Alexandra Zapruder (author of Twenty-Six Seconds: A Personal History of the Zapruder Film/Twelve Press) take the stage together to share their personal experiences and their distinct creative and critical perceptions. The conversation will be moderated by Michael Downing, author of Life With Sudden Death: A Memoir (Counterpoint Press). A book-signing, provided by Harvard Book Store, will follow the event.

Sponsored by the Woodberry Poetry Room in conjunction with the Houghton Library exhibition “Altered States: Sex, Drugs, and Transcendence in the Ludlow-Santo Domingo Library.”

Edison Newman Room, Houghton Library
Tuesday, December 5, 6:00pm

Free and open to the public.

Edison & Newman Room

The room, its programs, and its exhibitions are supported by the generosity of the Edison and Newman families (Bernard A. Edison AB 1949, MBA 1951; Julian I. Edison AB 1951, MBA 1953; Andrew E. Newman AB 1966, MBA 1968). Located on the first floor of Houghton Library, this room serves as a location for a variety of public programs.

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