“Passports: Lives in Transit” Closing Event

This timely exhibition addresses current geopolitics around immigration and asylum, including the global refugee crisis, DACA, travel bans and Brexit. Come and see passports, visas, and travel documents drawn from Harvard Library collections, and explore an installation of expired passports purchased on e-commerce sites. Travelers and migrants featured include Leon Trotsky, Shirley Graham Du Bois, George Balanchine, and Timothy Leary.


Lamont Library, Forum Room, 4.30-5.30pm
Panel discussion and Q&A with speakers from Harvard’s Administrative Fellowship Program 2017-18 cohort. https://hr.harvard.edu/administrative-fellows-program

• Welcome
Anne-Marie Eze
Director of Scholarly and Public Programs, Houghton Library

• About the exhibition
Lucas Mertehikian
Graduate student, Romance Languages and Literatures, Co-curator of “Passports: Lives in Transit”

• The Story Behind My “Undocumented” Passport
Diana Giron
Administrative Fellow for the Program in General Education, Harvard College

• The Politics of Space and Identity: Displaced Migrants and Stateless Refugees
Lily De La Fuente
Librarian Fellow for Immigration and Migration Studies, Widener Library

• Entry, Exit, and Asylum: Traversing Borders
Eric Jordan
Office for Dispute Resolution Associate

• International Students and Cultural Adjustment at Harvard
Tana Ruegamer
Advisor to International Students and Scholars, Harvard International Office


Houghton Library, Edison and Newman Room, 5.30-7pm
Cross-cultural celebration of humanity’s common roots with an exhibition viewing, live Afro-pop and Moz-jazz music by Albino Mbie, Afro-Latin dance by Angie Egea of Masacote Dance Company, and food by Suya Joint All African Cuisine.

Angie Egea and Albino Mbie
• Welcome
Thomas Hyry, Florence Fearrington Librarian of Houghton Library

• Albino Mbie
Albino Mbie’s music is a unique blend of Afro-pop, blues, jazz and R&B with Mozambican voice, Xangana language, dance, music, and culture topped with global musical influences. He will be performing music from his first and second albums. albinombie.com

• Angie Egea
This Afro-Latin dance piece explores the differences and similarities between Afro-rooted and western dances as well as the artist’s journey of understanding her roots, her ancestors and ultimately her identity. Introduced by Tana Ruegamer, Dance Coach at Masacote Dance School and Advisor, Harvard International Office. @angiegea / www.salsamasacote.com

• Suya Joint All African Cuisine
Suya Joint Restaurant is an elegant West African bar and lounge designed to appeal to the local Africans who are searching for a taste of home and to the Americans who are exploring the food and culture of exotic Africa. Our mission is to produce the highest quality of West African food through the creation and establishment of the Modern African American Restaurant experience. We are committed to making Suya Joint Restaurant the number one destination in the greater Boston area.

Not required but helpful. Want to make sure we have enough food and drink for everyone!

Image credits:
African textile/Photo by Ravi Kotchea-Flikr
Angie Egea/Courtesy of Carven Boursiquot.
Albino Mbie/Courtesy of Shuhei Teshima.

Edison & Newman Room

The room, its programs, and its exhibitions are supported by the generosity of the Edison and Newman families (Bernard A. Edison AB 1949, MBA 1951; Julian I. Edison AB 1951, MBA 1953; Andrew E. Newman AB 1966, MBA 1968). Located on the first floor of Houghton Library, this room serves as a location for a variety of public programs.

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