Emily Walhout

Public Services

Kalendario Manual, y Guia de Forasteros en Madrid (Madrid, 1781)
Les Veillées de la Chaumière (Paris, 1807)
Etrennes Mignones, Curieuses et Utiles (Paris, 1750)

In centuries past pocket-calendars or almanacs were popular etrennes, or New Year’s gifts, and elaborately decorated bindings would have made these gifts distinctive, particularly if they were intended to impress a patron or love interest. Gilt tooling, metallic trimmings, and colored overlays might have been embellishment enough, but the inclusion of gouache paintings laid on front and back covers render these bindings truly extravagant. Mirrors inside the front covers were not uncommon. One could imagine the honored recipient not only checking hair, make-up, or teeth (!) but also surreptitiously observing a rival across the room.

52-1182 , Gift of Mrs. Frederick W. Hilles, 1953

52L-1073, Gift of Rosamund Loring, 1952

52L-1072, Gift of Rosamund Loring, 1952